Thursday, 9 January 2014

An Overview of Dot Net Development and its Prime Advantages

Dot Net is one of the most reliable software technologies used for development which offers robust security, diverse functionalities and a neutral language infrastructure.

Microsoft DotNet is known amongst developers as a sophisticated and reliable software development technology. DotNet offers robust security and also includes diverse options for development, testing, and implementation of applications. With its neutral language infrastructure, developers find it easy to develop applications and deploy them using a plethora of programming languages.

Dot Net development services includes web application development using the features and options available through the Dot Net Architecture. Most applications developed for Microsoft as well as different worldwide companies are created with the help of DotNet. Even clients who seek for such software opt for outsourcing locations such as India for software development on the .NET platform.

Scalable and Flexible
The .NET architecture offers a flexible and scalable environment for building web applications for diverse industries and domains. The technologies offered by Microsoft and its associated web services have helped the developer community to leverage their expertise to create some mind-boggling applications for a variety of purposes.

One of the most important features includes the in-built library of Microsoft Dot NET development which enhances website functionality by making them available and accessible across a number of programming languages. This base class library has features including numerous numeric algorithms, UI options, network communications, data accessibility, and remote yet robust database connectivity.

There are five basic frameworks of .NET, which includes .NET framework 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0. The automatic implementation features offered by the latest versions along with the drag-and-drop server controls helps developers to create applications with particular ease. The WYSIWYG editor is capable of adding new text, editing it while making the required changes as well as allowing users to have versioning control over the text entered.

Cross Platform Compatibility and Agile Architecture
The cross platform compatibility feature of .NET is one of the most exciting advantages offered by the technology. This helps developers to work on .NET and yet utilize diverse platforms for implementation.

DotNet offers agile architecture, which helps businesses to realize new business opportunities with reduced time to market ability. It also offers good TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and outstanding ROI. DotNet also promotes rapid application development with the help of any programming language without having to break much sweat for writing code for complex processes.

Benefits for Developers
DotNET developers can help in delivering improved operations through their applications, which also boost performance, workflow and communication across an organization. It boasts of an excellent graphical user interface with Microsoft Silverlight on web applications and windows presentation foundation. It also supports Microsoft SQL server for swift application development purposes along with LINQ (Language Integrated Query).

DotNET has made life for developers simpler with its seamless technology and reliability in terms of application development and deployment. With a robust role-based security system, it serves as an excellent and secured accessibility options for authorized professionals.

One of the prime advantages of the Dot net technology and platform is that it helps in reducing the time and effort involved in development as well as maintenance of business applications. It enables users to access vital information from multiple platforms while also allowing software interoperability. The architecture is suitable for a variety of tasks including development of robust database-driven websites and applications. This ensures a varied set of programs to transfer data through common exchange formats while setting input and output in same file formats.  DotNet technology also helps users to follow the same protocols.

The Popularity of DotNet

Developers all over the world prefer Dot Net over other technologies due its software interoperability feature. They also prefer .NET since it provides a feature-rich set of controls for developers to create niche solutions for addressing very specific requirements of customers. One can host .NET applications within or on remote systems while diverse modules of a single software application can always integrate via standard Internet protocols, which include XML and SOAP. XML Web services have time and again helped companies to inter-relate and communication technical information.

With the popularity attained by the versatile framework, .NET development companies have come up with innovative marketing strategies and inventive solutions based on the platform to boost their market reputation. The framework has helped several outsourcing companies to develop highly productive and performance-enhancing solutions for many organizations belonging to different industries. .NET has also been instrumental in devising Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) resources as part of Microsoft family of products while leveraging Microsoft BI, SQL Server and the like.

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