Friday, 7 March 2014 and PHP Live Project Training in Ahmedabad

Many people moving out of college doesn’t get their dream jobs due to absence of experience. To overcome that now-a-days there is a trend of live project training for freshers. It helps them to achieve their dream jobs that too with good salary packages.

If you are looking for a perfect institute for live ASP.NET and PHP project training get good grades in your final year project work, then Elan Emerging Technologies it there to help you. Most students primarily need to learn the difference amongst mock projects and live project training. As it gives them a real environment to work and learn.

A considerable difference is dummy projects are those which are typically readily-built that students generally buy from some companies. The dummy ready projects don’t require much effort of the students, so actually they don’t even have to code or develop the project. Nevertheless, most of them do not understand the actual problem with the dummy projects. As here they don’t have to work on the real projects so they keep deprived of knowledge or experience of a real project development. Such students suffer when they get into the real work environment, when they are asked to develop projects for the clients. Practical knowledge is must for success in any field that always trains you better than books. As it offer you both the essential skills and knowledge mandatory for the industrial work.

How Live Project Training Helps Young Professionals

Make you Learn Real-Time Techniques
Live project training for Asp.Net and PHP will provide a prospect to learn .NET techniques actually being used in real world.

Experience of Working for Real Clients
Working on a client project as per his requirements is totally different from working on a dummy project as per your own wish and do whatever you personally like. It sometime becomes difficult for the new entrants to understand client’s requirements and deliver the same. Here you will learn to stick to the client’s guidelines and work along with the team under a manager’s guidance as you will have to in your future organization.

Chance to Learn Agile Development Approach
The actual projects are developed through Agile development method and therefore while experiencing ASP.NET project training freshers can practice the Agile software life cycle development method. Henceforth, you will used to with work process implemented in the companies.

Training by Industry Experts
During the real time project training you get a chance to under.NET expert developers who years of work experience in the same field. As you directly interact with them on daily basis so you learn a lot about the industry and the projects, also you get some real tips.

Work Experience During Training Leverages Your Job profile
As you get the real experience in the real work environment that you can mention in your resume, it improves your candidature for many fresher jobs. You always have weightage over your other counterparts without any industry exposure applying for the same job.

Hope, you have understood the basic idea behind the industrial training program. So don’t be dependent only on typical education but also try to get an edge over others and make yourself industry ready.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

An Overview of Dot Net Development and its Prime Advantages

Dot Net is one of the most reliable software technologies used for development which offers robust security, diverse functionalities and a neutral language infrastructure.

Microsoft DotNet is known amongst developers as a sophisticated and reliable software development technology. DotNet offers robust security and also includes diverse options for development, testing, and implementation of applications. With its neutral language infrastructure, developers find it easy to develop applications and deploy them using a plethora of programming languages.

Dot Net development services includes web application development using the features and options available through the Dot Net Architecture. Most applications developed for Microsoft as well as different worldwide companies are created with the help of DotNet. Even clients who seek for such software opt for outsourcing locations such as India for software development on the .NET platform.

Scalable and Flexible
The .NET architecture offers a flexible and scalable environment for building web applications for diverse industries and domains. The technologies offered by Microsoft and its associated web services have helped the developer community to leverage their expertise to create some mind-boggling applications for a variety of purposes.

One of the most important features includes the in-built library of Microsoft Dot NET development which enhances website functionality by making them available and accessible across a number of programming languages. This base class library has features including numerous numeric algorithms, UI options, network communications, data accessibility, and remote yet robust database connectivity.

There are five basic frameworks of .NET, which includes .NET framework 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0. The automatic implementation features offered by the latest versions along with the drag-and-drop server controls helps developers to create applications with particular ease. The WYSIWYG editor is capable of adding new text, editing it while making the required changes as well as allowing users to have versioning control over the text entered.

Cross Platform Compatibility and Agile Architecture
The cross platform compatibility feature of .NET is one of the most exciting advantages offered by the technology. This helps developers to work on .NET and yet utilize diverse platforms for implementation.

DotNet offers agile architecture, which helps businesses to realize new business opportunities with reduced time to market ability. It also offers good TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and outstanding ROI. DotNet also promotes rapid application development with the help of any programming language without having to break much sweat for writing code for complex processes.

Benefits for Developers
DotNET developers can help in delivering improved operations through their applications, which also boost performance, workflow and communication across an organization. It boasts of an excellent graphical user interface with Microsoft Silverlight on web applications and windows presentation foundation. It also supports Microsoft SQL server for swift application development purposes along with LINQ (Language Integrated Query).

DotNET has made life for developers simpler with its seamless technology and reliability in terms of application development and deployment. With a robust role-based security system, it serves as an excellent and secured accessibility options for authorized professionals.

One of the prime advantages of the Dot net technology and platform is that it helps in reducing the time and effort involved in development as well as maintenance of business applications. It enables users to access vital information from multiple platforms while also allowing software interoperability. The architecture is suitable for a variety of tasks including development of robust database-driven websites and applications. This ensures a varied set of programs to transfer data through common exchange formats while setting input and output in same file formats.  DotNet technology also helps users to follow the same protocols.

The Popularity of DotNet

Developers all over the world prefer Dot Net over other technologies due its software interoperability feature. They also prefer .NET since it provides a feature-rich set of controls for developers to create niche solutions for addressing very specific requirements of customers. One can host .NET applications within or on remote systems while diverse modules of a single software application can always integrate via standard Internet protocols, which include XML and SOAP. XML Web services have time and again helped companies to inter-relate and communication technical information.

With the popularity attained by the versatile framework, .NET development companies have come up with innovative marketing strategies and inventive solutions based on the platform to boost their market reputation. The framework has helped several outsourcing companies to develop highly productive and performance-enhancing solutions for many organizations belonging to different industries. .NET has also been instrumental in devising Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) resources as part of Microsoft family of products while leveraging Microsoft BI, SQL Server and the like.

Give your business a new edge with ASP.NET mobile application development

Today we find that devices like mobiles, smart phones and other gadgets like PDAs have become ubiquitous. We find every single individual, whether rich or poor having a mobile, also these mobiles include features like downloading ringtones, songs, news headlines, getting sports updates etc. For all this the credit goes to ASP.NET 2.0, as it facilitates its users to easily develop applications targeting such devices. Not all developers will make use of cellular devices in order to test their mobile applications, most renowned mobile companies like Nokia, Microsoft and many others have created device emulators for testing purposes.

You can select and use any CSS framework you desire, or Infact choose the most robust mobile system like Sencha or JQuery Mobile along with eminent mobile applications with PhoneGap. It’s all possible with ASP.NET.

Well this is not enough; the world of ASP.NET also includes another kind of application, which is used by a couple of developers. These are Mobile Web Applications. Mobile applications are created to operate on your mobile devices no matter whatever mobile device you use from Blackberry, or Pocket PC or a cell phone.

Well, this realm of development is a bit complicated and confusing as well, due to huge volumes of mobile gadgets and their different execution procedures along with visual competencies. We find many times, mobile developers concentrate mainly on one specific type and style of gadget so that they can generate their best aptitude instead of trying to develop more general one device that fits all implementation.

A .Net application development company is opted or preferred due to multiple reasons and best features like: interoperability, safety, sturdiness, reliability, it is user friendly in nature, and gives high performance. This article advices every IT business to select the IT services and best solutions provider that is outstanding in offering most valuable and genuine .Net application development.

There is another fanatical set of interface module included in this name space, which is designed particularly to operate mobile gadgets; many of these gadgets replicate the most basic module in regular web forms creation like text boxes, buttons, labels etc.

Today, we find many renowned IT businesses for gaining more profit of web development services, outsource their applications to offshore .Net development companies, who are not only efficient enough to give back most pioneering and reliable solutions with affordable costs, but are always ready to give the work within prescribed deadlines. With the sudden escalation of .NET application development company services, many web developers are highly inspired to outshine in the field of dot net services of development.

Professional squads of .Net developers strive to accomplish high scaled IT solutions making use of modern IT equipments, which will help the businesses to face any challenge and always stay ahead of their competitors. The well versed team of developers unifies a combination of all technical tools and the real requirements of a specific business. It is mandatory to work out an appropriate strategy before executing of the application, thereby making it a complete business solution.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

ASP.NET Application Development is the building blocks

ASP.NET is a server-side Web application framework which is wonderfully designed for web development so that it can produce web pages.  Microsoft developed this unique platform of its kind so that programmers could build web sites, web applications and web services.

ASP.NET came into existence in January, 2002 with a version 1.0 of the .NET Framework, and it is also the successor to Microsoft's Active Server Pages (ASP) technology. ASP.NET is based on the Common Language Runtime (CLR), so that programmers based around the world can write ASP.NET code by the help of any supported .NET language.

Almost four years were spent by the makers to develop a web application framework of this kind. And ASP.NET was solely dedicated for web development, and after a series of beta releases in the year 2000 and the following year (2001), ASP.NET 1.0 was finally released for use on January 5, 2002 which was a part of version 1.0 of the .NET Framework.

Microsoft promoted ASP.NET Application as a platform for web services. Scott Guthrie was the Product Unit Manager for ASP.NET and in the next year further improvement continued and a version 1.1 was being released on April 24, 2003. This release meant to improve ASP.NET’s support for the mobile devices.

There’s no doubt that ASP.NET Web pages are the main building blocks for application development Web forms that are present in files with an ".aspx" extension; contain static (X) HTML markup. A directive is also there in place of how ASP.NET should function.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The .NET Framework and the Ideal Service Provider

With the rise in the number of IT companies, it has become difficult to pick up the right service provider for .NET development services.

It is a very difficult task to find reliable development companies who are experienced in the field with a number of projects in their repertoire. A company which can solve all sorts of complex as well as simple problems is necessary for providing competent solutions for Microsoft ASP.NET development. It also helps if the company is a Microsoft application development partner who has been making critical business applications by using standard project management processes with proven methodologies.

ASP.NET application development is part of the latest technology trends and most companies are expected to enhance the user experience as per the needs of their clients. The vendors are expected to complete the processes of analysis, development, deployment and maintenance in complete efficiency. The top software development companies ensure that all deliverables are perfectly scalable and reliable. They also see to it that it is customized during the development stage as per client requirements and aligned to their business processes. These solutions allow enterprises to develop cutting-edge applications which ensure good ROI.

The .NET framework has the ability to solve many problems which have been problematic for several developers in the past. Several issues related to the deployment of applications, memory leakage and several issues related to security are sorted out in the latest version of ASP.NET. The .NET platform also helps professionals to build powerful desktop applications on the basis of new functional class libraries of the framework.

Microsoft .NET is a perfect technology which blends in information, users, and diverse program systems with hardware. The adroit .NET developers can combine multiple technologies with the incorporation of important information at strategic junctures.

.NET technology provides several web application developers. The ideal .NET development company It leverages the skills and talents of the software development team for creating easy to use information systems. Since the nature of .NET is platform independent businesses can quickly integrate new applications with existing systems, and devices, thus promoting seamless collaboration and communication across the enterprise.

Some of the main advantages of using the .NET technology is the reduced code for better results and better performance since it promotes real-time compilation, early binding, and an important benefit of native optimization.

Web pages can be attributed with the features of form submission and client authorization easily. Since .NET is language independent, one can pick and choose their preferred language for developing applications. It automatically detects infinite looping, and loss of memory along with any illegal activities, which leads the server to restart immediately.

Some of other features of .NET development is automatic deployment, editing in the form of WYSIWYG editor along with several drag-and-drop server controls.

.NET is a popular web development technology but it is essential to pick up the right service provider and Software Development Company which can build flexible, complex and technologically advanced web applications. Experienced software development solution providers are the best bet for developing flexible applications since they mostly have considerable experience to tackle any issues easily during the .NET web application development process.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

.NET App Development and its Architecture Basics

Project architects always need to plan an efficient strategy for .NET App development and the applications in question.

The primary goal of all project architects is to create a plan which works from the ground up in regards to the creation of a wholly new application. All relevant factors need to be considered while creating the application right from its structural design and layout to the architecture. It is necessitated by Microsoft to devise .NET strategies and design guidelines which are part of the entire DNA (Distributed interNet Application) platform. This model serves the purpose for developing varied applications. Also, this model helps in creating robust, distributed applications which are divided in three distinct layers which includes the presentation layer, the business rules layer and data access layer.

With each of the independent layers within itself is a separate issue altogether. One can have its own methodologies which one can devise for standardizing best practices within an organization. The factors involved with each of the methodologies involve proper design, effective data access and eye-pleasing presentation. Each of the layers is important for the overall health of the application, and all of them need to be optimized to the maximum. One can go through each Tier and by employing the best methods, one can secure a robust, safe and high-performance application of the distributed environment.

One of the most important issues in this regard is high performance and scalability of the application on different platforms. Performance is related to the application’s responsiveness and the actual performance in question. This part can be taken care with the methodologies that are being implemented as best practices within an organization. Scalability is a parallel topic that relates to high-performance of the application for all users and does not get tied up to a single server for that matter. High scalable applications are used to minimize network traffic, and the overall interaction with the server-side database implemented by the organization. One can then utilize the scalability factor to enhance the performance of the application.

It is highly difficult to architect a robust application and it requires the use of a time-tested, structurally sound methodology devised by an expert. It requires a methodology which has an application development process which can break the application into separate, easily maintainable components which require single modifications for implementing site-wide changes. The importance of harmony is required between diverse IT development teams, so that no one is required to interfere in each other’s tasks. The parts should make sense to the end result application or the sum total. It is not only important to create several high performing components of the application but it is altogether important to lead all the components to a single whole application which has integrated functionalities and features, performing as a unit.

It is recommended for most organizations to hire experienced .NET app developers or .NET app development companies for learning more ways to maximize the features of an application. It is important to find out outside sources which can deliver in-depth information which is required for your organization to create a fully functional application which makes sense to the entire picture.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

.NET App Development and Custom .NET Application Development - What You Ought to Know

Scalability and performance are two of the most significant factors that determine the efficiency of any new application.  .NET app development has been one of the most innovative technologies in use today.

This software development platform is aimed at rapid application development, network transparency and platform independence. Hence, it proves to be an ideal framework for developing and building high performance and strong enterprise solutions.

As a matter of fact, it has always been a major goal of the project heads and architects to plan out a useful strategy from the scratch in regard to the use of a new application. In this regard, all relevant facts are taken into account with respect to the .NET application, starting from the layout to the design of the functional website infrastructure.

.NET model successfully serves the purpose of architecting network transparency and platform independence and rapid application development. Hence, the .Net application development platform has been playing the most crucial role in improving framework interoperability and thus supporting the business to utilize information, data and application in the most efficient manner.

In the most recent times, the significance the .NET development has been perceived as one of the most effective platforms which cater to the demands of the target audience. There are many companies that bring forth custom .NET Application development solutions in order to address and meet the future as well as present business requirements. Most of these companies involve their extensive experience and knowledge in delivering custom, end to end .NET solutions for wide ranging clients engaged in different industrial sectors like finance, insurance, ecommerce, healthcare, medical devices, hospitality etc.

A company specializing in application development generally includes a .NET team with extensive knowledge in the Microsoft technologies that include .NET, SharePoint, ADO.NET, VB.NET, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Silver light, Windows Communication foundation (WCF) and Windows Workflow Foundation (WF).

Each and every company offering .net app development services works with an essential target and that is provide high calibre convention programming provisions that help meet the diverse technical and business requirements on time. The services offered by the companies include SaaS, Document Management, Content Management, eCommerce, Business Intelligence, Interactive Media, Extranets/Intranets, and Internet Portals.

The team of experts offering .NET application development services help connect systems, information and services through software. The team offers development, design as well as integration business solutions based on the .NET platform. Some of the most comprehensive solutions also include technology upgrade services, .NET web service, .NET custom control development, custom software development, content management system (CMS) development, E-commerce application development, Migration and Integration Services, .NET architecture design and design evaluation.

Whether you are looking for mobile application development, web application development, and other IT support services, you must make sure to choose a team with experienced .NET developers, investigators, designers and planners in order to ensure a wide variety of services. Bear in mind that the most experienced team will include a vast array of advanced development technologies and techniques to bring you the desired outcome. So, make sure to conduct a thorough background check before you choose a team.

Elan Emerging Technologies is software development company provide mobile application development & web application development services.